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This guy has all the answers
re: traffic calming

From: Lauren Balmer 
Date: May 12, 2023
Subject: Gil Thomas / Neighborhood Street Traffic Calming Program Manager

There has been a huge community response for this project.


NDoT has a large backlog of TC projects. It takes up to 6 months to acquire materials. There are over 500 applications in the queue for requested traffic calming projects. 25 get approved every six months for a total of 50 a year.

NDOT is working to streamline turn-around time to a year. 

Real life example


Page Rd is an approved Traffic Calming (TC) project and I’ll use this as an example of specific processes below.


NDOT polled neighbors whose property touches Page Rd; they used a ballot process to seek approval — 66% of all RETURNED ballots must vote in favor for TC to be approved.


Voting takes place over a 6 week period. The balloting is done online. NDOT is planning to finish Page Rd in Oct. NDOT takes care of ALL communications. 

Installation time takes 6-9 months. 
It use to take up to approx 2 years from start to finish. The process has been improved and streamlined for a faster turn. 


Even if project is killed due to lack of 66% approval NDOT will do something. Add signage, repaint road, etc.


Lauren will answer any questions at our next meeting on Saturday, May 20, at Jerry and Cam Neal's home.



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